Convert to binary in robot framework

The Convert To Binary keyword as described is designed to convert a given item into a binary string, with optional configurations for the base of the item, a prefix for the binary string, and a minimum length for the resulting binary string. Here’s a breakdown of its functionality:

  1. Arguments:
  • item: The value to be converted to binary. This can be a number or a string that represents a number.
  • base (optional): The numerical base of the item. If not specified, it’s assumed that the item is in base 10. This is useful when the item is a string representing a number in a base other than 10, such as hexadecimal (base 16).
  • prefix (optional): A string to prepend to the resulting binary string. Common prefixes include 0b to indicate a binary number.
  • length (optional): The minimum length of the resulting binary string, excluding any prefix and a possible minus sign for negative numbers. If the binary representation of the item is shorter than this length, it will be padded with leading zeros.
  1. Functionality:
  • The keyword first converts the item to an integer, taking into account the specified base if provided. This is achieved internally, possibly using a keyword like Convert To Integer.
  • It then converts this integer to a binary representation, which is a string of 1s and 0s that corresponds to the binary equivalent of the integer.
  • If a prefix is specified, it is added to the beginning of this binary string.
  • If the binary string is shorter than the specified length, it is padded with leading zeros until it reaches the desired length.
  1. Examples:
  • ${result} = Convert To Binary 10
    The number 10 is converted to binary, resulting in 1010.
  • ${result} = Convert To Binary F base=16 prefix=0b
    The hexadecimal number ‘F’ is converted to binary with a 0b prefix, resulting in 0b1111.
  • ${result} = Convert To Binary -2 prefix=B length=4
    The number -2 is converted to binary, with a prefix B and padded to a minimum length of 4, resulting in -B0010.

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