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In Robot Framework, the “Convert To Boolean” keyword is used to convert a given item to a Boolean value, which can be either True or False. This conversion process takes into account the nature of the item being converted and follows specific rules to determine the resulting Boolean value.


  • item: The item that you want to convert to a Boolean. This can be of any data type, such as a string, number, list, etc.

How it works:

  1. String Handling: If the item is a string that matches “True” or “False” (case-insensitive), then it is converted directly to the corresponding Boolean value. For example, “true” becomes True, and “false” becomes False.
  2. Other Values: For items that are not strings or are strings that don’t match “True” or “False”, the keyword uses Python’s bool() method to determine the item’s truth value. This method follows standard Python rules for truthiness:
  • Non-empty strings, non-zero numbers, and non-empty collections (like lists, tuples, sets) are considered True.
  • Empty strings, the number 0, None, and empty collections are considered False.

Use Cases:

  • Validation: Converting user inputs or data to Boolean values for conditional checks in test cases.
  • Conditional Execution: Deciding the flow of test execution based on Boolean values.
  • Data Conversion: Ensuring that data retrieved from files, databases, or external sources is in the correct format for logical operations.


Consider a scenario where you have a string variable ${condition} in your Robot Framework test case, and you want to perform certain actions based on its truth value. You can use “Convert To Boolean” like this:

${bool_value}=    Convert To Boolean    ${condition}
Run Keyword If    ${bool_value}    Keyword To Run For True Condition
...               ELSE              Keyword To Run For False Condition

In this example, ${condition} is converted to a Boolean value and stored in ${bool_value}. Based on the truth value of ${bool_value}, either “Keyword To Run For True Condition” or “Keyword To Run For False Condition” is executed.

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