Editors and Plugins for robot framework.

Robot Framework has a variety of editors and plugins available for tasks such as editing, running, and building tests.

1 . RIDE

Standalone robot framework test data editor. Here is the link to download it RIDE.

2. Eclipse plugin

Robot Framework plugin for Eclipse IDE. Click here to install.

3. Robot plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

For IntelliJ IDEA-based editors by JIVE software. Click here to install.

4. RED

Ecllipse based editor with a debugger by Nokia. click here to install.

5. vim plugin

A Vim plugin exists for development with the Robot Framework, which offers functionality such as syntax highlighting, indentation, and code completion for writing test cases in Vim. Click here to install.

6. Atom plugin

Robot Framework plugin for Atom. Click here to install.

7. Emacs major mode

Emacs major mode for editing test case. Click here to install.

8. Language server for VS code

VS code LSP extension – syntax highlight, linting, code completion, debugging and more. Click here to install.

9. sublime assistant

A plugin for sublime text 2 and 3. Click here to install.

10. Intellisense for VS code

A Visual Studio code extension that supports robot framework development. Click here to install.

11. Brackets plugin

Robot framework plugin for Brackets. Click here to install.

12. Gedit

Syntax highlighting for Gedit. Click here to install.

13. Notepad++

syntax highlighting for notepad++. Click here to install.

14. Language server for pyCharm

pyCharm LSP plugin – syntax highlight, code completion, and other LSP features for pyCharm. Click here to install.

15. Sublime Plugin

A plugin for sublime Text2. Click here to install.

16. Debugger for VS code

A visual code extension that lets you debug robot files with call stack, breakpoints, etc. Click here to install.

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