Features of Python Programming Language

1. Python is Interpreted.

Python is processed at the runtime by the interpreter. You do not need to compile your program before executing it. The interpreter reads code line by line. The interpreter directly executes the code by converting it into an intermediate code usually called bytes code.

2. Python is platform independent / portable / Cross-Platform Language.

The byte code generated by the interpreter is platform independent which can be later be run on different platforms.

3. Python is Object-Oriented.

Python supports Object-Oriented features like classes, objects, polymorphism, inheritance etc.

3. Python is dynamically typed language.

In python, you do not need to satisfy the data type of the variable. When you assign some value to the variable, it automatically allocates the memory to the variable at run time. Suppose you assigned integer value 15 to a variable then you do not need to write like int x = 10;. Just write x =10. You will get more knowledge about this in the upcoming post.

4. Python is Embeddable/ Integrated.

The source code of the other programming language can use in the python source code. You can use python source code in another programming language as well. It can embed another programming language into our code. It can be easily integrated with the languages like C, C++, JAVA, etc.

5. Python support GUI (Graphical User Interface).

In python, you can also make various Desktop Applications, web applications, etc using various libraries or frameworks like Tkinter, Django, etc.

6. Python is Free and Open Source.

Python is freely available for everyone. It is freely available on its official website www.python.org. It has a large community across the world that is dedicated to working towards making new python modules and functions. Anyone can contribute to the python community. The open-source means anyone can download and use it.

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