How To Execute Robot Framework Test Case?

Using robot and rebot scripts

Starting from Robot Framework 3.0, tests are executed using the robot scripts, and the result is obtained after passing the test case, with rebot script.

The below command is used to run test case


robot filename.robot OR robot filename.txt

Robot Framework supports both .robot and .txt file extension.


robot test_case_filename.robot OR robot test_case_filename.txt

After passing all the test case, You will get three files as an output by rebot scripts.

  1. output.xml :- Results in machine readable XML format.
  2. log.html :- Detailed test execution log.
  3. report.html :- Higher level test report.

These all the three files will present in the directory where your test case file is available.

The older Robot Framework version does not have the robot scripts and the rebot scripts are installed only with python. Instead, they have interpreter-specific scripts pybot, jybot, and ipybot for test execution and jyrebot and ipyrebot for post-processing outputs.

Figure : log.html
Figure : report.html
Figure : output.xml

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