How to crack competitive programming?

Competitive programming means the programming question asked in any company interview in a technical round. Most of the student who belongs to tier II and tier III colleges. Basically, they do not have good knowledge of programming languages. They scare from coding and programming. Nothing is easy and Nothing is hard. The way you imagine makes things hard and easy.

Step 1 : Learn one programming languages from basic concept to advance concept.

Find your interest which means to find which language is easier for you. which languages you can learn faster? Identify your programming language. For example, some people love python, some people love java, and some people love javascript and so on. Select the programming language you want to learn. Try to learn each and every basic concept in it. For example, I want to learn python. I need to know what is the basic concept in it. Basic concept includes variable defining and declaration, working and features of an operator like assignment operator, addition operator, etc, working and features of loops if loop, for loop, if-else loop, while loop, etc, working and features of various data types like strings, list, dictionary, tuples, etc, know about various inbuilt methods of each data types like list.append(), string.find(), etc, various types of file operation like reading the file, writing a file, reading a binary file, writing a binary file, etc, regular expression. Know the concept and its uses like how to use and when to use and why to use it. After learning the concept. Now you need to use your concept.

step 2 : Solve some basic question.

After learning all the concepts try to solve 10 or more problems based on each concept and try to analyze your code line by line. This will help you to get rectify your concept and will also boost your concept. First, try to solve small questions from the internet or any coding practice book. Solve questions without taking any help from any source. How to start solving questions? There is some concept behind every question, try to find out that concept and then think how can you solve this question like whether you have to use a list, dictionary or tuples, or strings, do you need any loop to solve? If you need a loop then which type of loop you need. What is the concept hidden behind the question to solve? Then use your learned programming concept to solve questions.

Step 3: Revision of each and every concept weekly or daily.

Try to revise the concept daily or weekly once. Revision makes you more comfortable with the concepts. Revision makes your learned concept stronger. Try to use Whiteboard and marker.

Step 4: Do not sit idle.

Try to gain more and more knowledge from your surroundings things like your junior, senior, internet, etc. Try to utilize your time. Give more time to yourself. Be energetic, be happy, be innovative, Zindagi Na milegi dobara.


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